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Up Your Game

Do you have an injury that’s sent you to the sidelines? As someone who’s worked for 20 years in the University of Miami’s athletic department, I’ve seen lots of athletes who have dealt with issues in their extremities. These areas include shoulders, knees, ankles and wrists. Shoulders in particular, however, are very susceptible to injury, whether you play volleyball, baseball or tennis, or swim. Injuries don’t have to sideline you for a season.


We can help you be your best

Helping You Be Your Best

We’re interested in enhancing athletes’ performance through chiropractic. We want them to function at a higher level so that they can be better athletes. If you’re a pitcher, we want you to throw better. If you’re a runner, we want you to run faster. If you’re a swimmer, we want you to swim faster. Whatever your sport is, we want you to function better so you can be your absolute best.

Chiropractic Enhances Function

We know for a fact that chiropractic adds a lot to the function of the athlete. They do much better when they’re under care than when they’re not. With chiropractic, we’re allowing the body to function much more efficiently. When you’re efficient, you’re going to be stronger, faster, and you will use less energy. We look at everyone as an athlete, whether you’re a weekend tennis player or amateur golfer.

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