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This is the season of giving

As we reflect back over the year we have all experienced happiness, joy, sadness and suffering. No one can escape these emotions.The impact emotions have on our own reality depends upon our own perspective, understanding and experience. Love is the only way to overcome negative emotions. Self-love, that is caring for oneself, is the place to begin. This is because you can’t give away something you don’t have. By demonstrating love through compassion and kindness you develop a sense of sharing that helps both you and the other.

Communication which necessitates being open & genuine requires feedback with a mutual understanding, not agreement. Being true to oneself means looking at reality and accepting that which is. We increase our suffering by not facing the truths in our lives. I wish you all a season of peace and love for family for our community and our world. Be the change you want to see, the difficulties and problems can become opportunities for growth & insight to ourselves and others.

I take this time to wish you a healthy, happy, enjoyable holiday season,

Elliott Grusky DC, FICC

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