South Florida's Most Trusted Chiropractor Dr. Grusky

Grusky Chiropractic Center, PA offers the best in high-quality chiropractic techniques and complementary services to enhance optimum wellness. We have a reputation for excellence in choosing the right techniques at the right time to meet the individual needs of the patient. Our patients appreciate that their best interests are always our top priority!

Here are some of our offerings:

  • Active Release Technique®
  • AK Applied Kinesiology
  • Gonstead
  • Graston
  • Pettibon
  • Thompson
  • Low-Velocity Adjusting – This technique includes instrument-based adjusting such as the ArthroStim®, Activator Methods® and Impulse®, Basic Contact, and Mind-Body Medicine.


Are Adjustments Painful?
Our techniques are very gentle, and we always put your comfort first!

Adjustments are safe and effective for the entire family, from the tiniest of newborns to those of very advanced age. We’ve never had an adverse reaction in our 35 years of practice, so you can feel confident in our abilities and recommendations.

Protocols for Athletes of Every Kind
Because we’ve been the team physicians for the University of Miami Hurricane’s athletic department for two decades, we’ve had extensive experience in the field of sports injury and athletic performance.

We’ve noticed that shoulder issues are a common problem, frequently seen in baseball pitchers, swimmers, and others that demonstrate overuse of the shoulder joint. It’s our conviction that regular, consistent examination of the shoulder muscles will greatly reduce the chance for injury. Once an injury occurs and compensating changes take place, the range of motion in the shoulder is lost, creating pain and less-than-optimal sports performance.

How Are We Different from Other Chiropractors?
We think you’ll notice right from the start that our office strives for excellence, not only in the quality of our services but in our quest to make your experience with us meaningful and memorable.

We’re very relationship-oriented, which starts with a loving and compassionate staff. Dr. Grusky is goal-oriented and focused on your well-being, and we try our best to provide a relaxing and healing environment.

We hope that you’ll agree with our many patients that say, “This office is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.