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Our Miami Chiropractor Reviews

Will Certainly Recommend to My Patients

As a physician, it’s hard to get blown away upon being treated at another provider’s office but it was different at the office. Dr Grusky was able to pinpoint my issue and arrive at a goal after proper examination. Will certainly recommend my patients to him as well.

~ Juan Carlos Z.

Patient and Professional

One of my best friends recommended Dr. Grusky–and I could not be happier that I listened to her! Dr. Grusky is very knowledgeable, patient, and professional. He talks through each adjustment, explaining everything he is doing so that I don’t feel nervous. He takes his time with me. This is one of the main reasons why I feel safe while he is working on my adjustments. Grusky doesn’t rush through my appointment- he takes his time going over my treatment plan and explaining everything to me. Also, he makes sure to ask me if I have any questions or concerns. This is something that, unfortunately, not all doctors do. They forget that as patients, especially patients who are in pain for a long period of time, we look for a doctor who takes their time answering our questions, and takes their time walking us through each treatment. I’ve never been to a chiropractor prior to last week–I’ve always been scared to and now I’m glad that I’m getting the help I need.

~ Rosely F.


Growing up, I used to go with my dad when he was getting treated by Dr. Grusky. Fast forward twenty years, and I decided it was my turn to get evaluated. Despite having not seen Dr. Grusky in over two decades, he remembered me and was even able to recall where Dad and I lived way back when. Incredible.

Overall, the experience was great—Rachel was very pleasant helping get me checked in and ensure things were squared away with my insurance, and Doctor Grusky took great care of me and explained everything very clearly to me about the evaluation and treatment process. Paola and David in therapy were just as friendly and made me feel right at home.

I’m impressed with the entire experience, and I really appreciated how the staff takes the time to walk you through the office and ensure you get to the right place (and even better during follow-up visits when they know you’ve figured things out enough to not need the training wheels!).

All in all, a great first visit (and equally great subsequent visits). I’m a happy patient and I will definitely keep coming back. Worth the drive from Homestead, for sure.

~ James S.


We were originally introduced to Grusky Chiropractic Center back in the mid-’80s (over 30 years ago) by our pediatrician for our child’s chronic ear infections stating that there has been some success in this field and that we might want to try it. The other option was surgery/tubes inserted. To me, it was a no brainer.

Turns out the success rate was like 80%. No more 7 and 14-day regiments of antibiotics for the little guy. My son finally outgrew the ear infections with Dr. Grusky’s chiropractic care and help. Numerous other successes over the years as well. Then we moved 135 miles away.

Fast forward to today and this old guy has lower spinal stenosis and was recommended for surgery.

I put a call into Dr. Grusky and asked him to evaluate my issue. After careful review of my x-rays, MRI and a thorough exam, I drive 2.5 hours each way twice a week for adjustments and therapy and have been very pleased with the outcome thus far. Dr Grusky said he will assist in helping me find a Chiropractor in my area.

I can not say enough Good about this amazing man and the amazing family/staff he has surrounded himself with.
Thank you all.

~ John M.

Complete Trust

Approximately 25 years ago I began suffering from painful, debilitating neck- and headaches. I was living on OTC and prescription pain products; they only temporarily masked the pain while making me groggy. A friend recommended Dr. Elliot Grusky.

I walked into his office crying as the pain was excruciating. He took x-rays of my neck and thoracic spine, showed me the x-rays, explained the source of and reason for my pain, and adjusted my vertebra which was out of alignment. I walked out of his office free of all discomfort and pain. Ever since that time, as physical problems have arisen, I have sought Dr. Grusky’s help. I have the greatest respect for him and trust him completely with my spine and spine-related issues.

~ Ellen C.

You won’t regret it!

quote-rightI was first diagnosed with Menier’s Disease about nine years ago. Since then, I have seen at least four different ENT doctors each of which kept adding medications, treatments, and tests. Since being diagnosed, I have suffered about two to three episodes of horrible vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus, and nausea every year.

When I was told that the next step for me was surgery, my husband and I got really scared. Because we had read online about the benefits of chiropractic treatments for Menier’s, we decided to give it a try.

After researching who the most reputable chiropractor in our area was, we made an appointment with Dr. Grusky. At the first visit, he took an extensive history, took some x-rays, and did a very thorough physical exam. He found that I had some problems with misalignments in my cervical spine and started treatments that same day. After a few treatments with Dr. Grusky, my vertigo had resolved and my hearing was significantly improved. If only I had done my research earlier, I could have spared my family and myself many, many weeks of despair.

Dr. Grusky’s staff has been amazing and worked diligently to work out a payment plan that I could afford. I urge anyone suffering from Menier’s Disease to get a consultation from Dr. Grusky ASAP-you won’t regret it!!!

~ Susan Caceres


I have very much appreciated the professionalism of Dr. Daniel Jarboe. He has taken into account the specific profile of my son who arrived in a situation of emergency with a very painful neck. My son is a young golfer and was in a situation of competition between two tournaments. In four days, he has recovered almost all his mobility despite a very unbalanced situation.

Dr. Jarboe has taken all the time necessary to explain to us how he will work and the time that will be necessary to recover with a lot of honesty. I must add that all the staff in this center are very kind and attentive. Without any hesitation, I recommend the Grusky Chiropractic Center.

~ Soizic S.

Dr. Grusky is an Expert

Grusky Chiropractic is amazing! The staff is super friendly and the services are effective and efficient. Dr. Grusky is an expert in what he does. Not only does he fix you, he guides you with pertinent information every step of the way. It’s not always easy finding the right chiropractor, but when you do, you know you have struck gold. I struck gold with Dr. Grusky today!

– Steve S.

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